Tuesday, 29 March 2011

finally, an update!

So my mum has been too busy to update the blog but having had such an eventful day today she feels the need to. Firstly, I took myself for a wander around the block seeing as the back gate was left ajar. I then led dad on a 'chase me' game down the street and decided to chase an old lady along the way too. Why no one else was having as much fun as me I'm not sure. Then I decided that I was going to lift my leg to pee, they're watching me to see if it's for real this time.
The last month has been hectic. Ive been going to classes on Wednesdays and my training is going well but I've discovered my vocal chords. I don't bother to warn about people at the door, I just like to bark sporadically when the mood takes me-there is no telling. And my skills at digging are developing, I only need to be left for 2min before I've dug a sizeable hole-and I know I'm not supposed to do it- I just love it!!
Lately they have been trying lots of different foods for treats and while I love it I am in full agreement that hotdog is probably not a good idea anymore. The after-effects even give me frights!! I am no longer a cute, sweet smelling puppy. haha.  What's more, when they decide to leave me downstairs behind the baby gate I make sure they know I'm not happy and I jump on the sofa and if possible drag their stuff down off it! And if they are daft enough to leave the gate open I race up the stairs and strut about, Ive caught them out twice now!! :)

Pics to follow.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Week 11

you think you can train me?!!

As my 3rd week as a Fetter comes to an end I am well and truly whacked! My final jags and chipping on Monday meant that I've spent the whole weekend out and about in bonny Crieff.  I visited Glenturret Dam on Saturday, walked into town and endured the traffic and passers-by, and played with a not so amused jack russell, Poppy, in the evening. I've decided not to continue the termination of house carpets through defecation but by destruction instead. Where I can find a loose thread (and there are plenty on these old carpets) I am able to pull strands loose before my fun is stopped.  My love of mum's heather and new hobby of digging holes has them doing the same thing in the garden, they should just leave me to it.  I did get one up on them by cocking my leg a few times, enough to get them excited, now I've reverted back to squatting. ha ha..
I've had just about the whole week with mum and dad on holiday, and I even let them have a lie-in until 8am without whimpering or barking! They were really good fun until Sunday when mum started to bark all the time and moan. It made me stop in my tracks a few times and I've noticed a liking for hot lemon drinks- it's nearly as bad as my cheese addiction me thinks! Talking of lemon, the nutters have swapped vinegar for lemon juice in my bark retardant!! Not that it makes all that much difference, at least the house doesn't smell like a chippy anymore. I did get the chance to hang out with some lovely kids but their jack russell, Olie, was a bit mad. Once I got used to his incessant jumping and running about he was actually quite fun and totally harmless.
The neighbourhood walks are yet to impress me, in fact I really don't like walking on the lead until we have a stop then I can sniff at all the new smells. What it does mean is that, apart from my 30mins of evening madness where I have perfected the leap onto the corner sofa, I am knackered and go straight to bed at night.
more snow  :)

Monday, 7 February 2011

Honeymoon over

Sisu at 8weeks
Just over a week in Scotland and what a busy one it's been. On Monday I got my first jags which was a breeze, goodness knows what all the hype is about.  We met lots of dogs at the vets-one had the weirdest growth, eugh... Altogether a fun experience though the receptionist thought my name was Sissy-well I showed her by being brave and not whining. I've been spending a lot of time outside and am getting used to my poopy area but it's unfair to do it all outside so I make sure to keep just a bit for indoors!!  The week has been lots of fun, especially when mum followed me into a bush and smacked her head. It was even funnier when she did the same thing again the next day too! She looks like she's been whacked by something.

on way to vet with dad
This weekend was jam packed. At Kirsty's house I started practicing my herding skills by getting the 3 terriers  into the corner. They didn't know what had hit them. Serves the boy dog right for snapping at me-I just wanted to play and it was there that I really started to develop my vocal skills.
And the most exciting thing- snow!!! It drives me wild. It fell thick and fast this morning and I spent a good 40minutes nose diving the white stuff.
badger impersonation
patrolling the new pad
So far so good, I've officially settled in and am attempting to show mum and dad who's boss. They keep telling me off for growling and biting, hmm..can't see what the problem is.  So the honeymoon period is over-i'm 'at home' now! Goodbye shy Sisu, hello rebel!

Sisu at 9weeks (today- being a rascal)

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sisu at Home

Should I jump even though I've been told not to? (that be a no!)
I have been at home now since Friday night and I'm settling in well.  The 8hour car journey from Devon was just fine though I was car sick at the beginning from staring out the window for too long. (that'll be my mum's fault for letting me!) I slept soundly on the first night so much so that mum and dad woke with a fright at 7am and rushed down to see me.  Silly humans, I'd not been up long and was perfectly happy just taking in my new surroundings.  I'm enjoying my den, I pop in and out when I feel tired or want a break from that silly woman who keeps cuddling me. Goodness knows why there are so many blankets though as I really just prefer the newspaper on the cold den floor. Dad is being quite insistent on getting me to do stuff. I'm happy to 'sit' and to go to them when they say 'Sisu come' but sometimes get fed up and would rather play, I think I embarrassed mum when we visited Mhairi and Gregor down the road when I was more interested in sniffing about and not doing tricks! Every time I go to pee someone grabs me and takes me outside, and what fun, I forget all about the toilet and start exploring. I wish they would just let me off the lead. They won't even play outside, mum sometimes does but never dad.

Last night, my second night, I slept soundly. (I'm wondering if I should kick up a fuss tonight, it might be nice if they came and played)  I feel much more at home already and I'm trying to see how much I can push them when I'm playing. They didn't like me jumping up on the couch- I don't think I'll do that again.

Today we are off to the distillery and the stables;

This is the first horse I've met but to tell you the truth, it wasn't that exciting, it even started showing off and rubbing it's behind on the fence (baloo style) but I was far too interested by little round brown smelly things, hmm, if only mum hadn't picked me up I could have tasted one to see what it was.  Nothing is really scaring me, dad's got me listening to Planet Rock and though I don't like it much mum's hairdryer isn't all that bad, even the washing machine that shakes the whole house when it's on doesn't bother me.  I've had lots of fun experiences with Jennifer and Jay, they took me to lots of places so I'm really quite resilient already.
I really am living up to my name! However, the sea of blue rinses at the distillery who all thought I was a husky did annoy me a little, grrrr..